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03.04.2018 - Maqola

The program of a new course term at CIPSEM is published in the beginning of every year. CIPSEM's course term starts in September of the current year and ends in July of the following year (programme for 2018/19). The application is possible via our online application Portal: https://apply-unep-unesco-bmub-courses.de/.

Application periods vary between courses. The target groups vary depending on the specific thematic topics of each courses. The exact requirements and all relevant dates can be found in the respective course descriptions. By the specific training of future decision-makers the CIPSEM course program contributes to capacity building in sustainable development in developing and emerging countries. The integrative and interdisciplinary teaching approach conveys not only knowledge on global environmental processes and methods for the sustainable management of resources, but also promotes abilities in a holistic way of thinking with respect to environmental thematic problems and in finding corresponding solutions. The teaching and working language is English.

All applications submitted before the deadline and fullfilling the formal criteria will be presented to the International Steering Committee for selection of the participants.


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